Our Birds

Ring-Necked Pheasants

Our Ring-Necked pheasants are bred, hatched, and raised specifically on our farm. Our breeders are selected to ensure high quality birds. Ring-Necked pheasants are the most popular game birds and are known for their brightly colored feathers.

Chukar Redleg Cross Partridge

We monitor our Partridge constantly to provide the best flyers for our customers. Chukar Redleg Cross Partridge are similar to the well-known Chukar Partridge but the cross are more flighty and energetic. Redlegs also have black and white defined lines on their chest.

Bohemian Blacknecks

Blacknecks have a reddish coloring with a purple tint to their feathers. These pheasants are slightly larger in size than the well-known Ring-Necked Pheasant and there is an absence of a white ring around their necks.

Melanstic Mutants

Melanistic Mutants are a pure-bred pheasant known for their iridescent bluish-purple feathers. Our Mutant breeders are carefully selected for their bluish-purple color and their small body size.